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How to send Direct Messages on InterSystems Developer Community

Hey Community!

There are occasions when you really need to get in touch with a member of our Community a.k.a. author of a post or developer of a particular project, to discuss something, catch up, or whatever. And exactly for this reason, we have Direct Messages where you can send a message directly to a specific person or even have a group chat!

Accessing Direct Messages is easy. Just click on the Envelope button near your profile picture:

And you will get lots of options:

First of all, you can see all the messages you've received in the Inbox section, all the unread messages in the Unread, and all the bookmarked - you guessed it - in Bookmarks. Also, via this left menu you can set the settings for direct messages using the Settings section:

Getting back to the Inbox section, if you select one or several (or Select all) messages you can Delete, Mark as unread / read, or Add to bookmarks the whole batch. And if you add a message to bookmarks you will be able to quickly find it in the Bookmarks section.

Another way to add a message to bookmarks is to hover your mouse over it and click the star that appears near the date:

Messages that are in bookmarks will have a green star in this line.

There are a few more ways to quickly send a DM to a Community member: 

  • go to the profile of the member you want to contact
  • you can also quickly start a private discussion from the post page on a specific topic described in the post – the post title will automatically pull up as the subject of the DM


This is it, easy-peasy. Happy messaging!

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