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How to track your activity on DC

Hey Developers,

If you wish to know how you're doing in the Community and see your stats, you don't need to scroll through all your posts in your profile (though it is also possible). You can use the Online Analytics Dashboard. In it you can see your own detailed statistics for the current week, month, and all time, including:

  • number of views, likes, comments, followers
  • timeline graphics of views, likes, actions with your posts, comments
  • a table containing info about views, comments, and likes for your every post

      In addition, now you can easily find out which of your posts are the most popular (viewed/discussed/liked) for different time periods (week/month/all time):

      You can easily access this Analytics Dashboard through your profile avatar in the top menu or through the statistics block on your profile page:


      This is it. Hope you will find it helpful.

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