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How to use search on InterSystems Developer Community

Hi Community!

We know that sometimes you may need to find info or people on our Community! So to make it easier here is a post on how to use different kinds of searches:

  • find something on the Community
  • find something in your own posts
  • find a member by name

➡️ Find some info on the Community

Use the search bar at the top of every page - a quick DC search. Enter a word or phrase, or a tag, or a DC member name, and you'll get the results in a drop-down list:

Also, you can press Enter or click on a magnifying glass and the search results will open. 

On this page, you can refine your results:

  1. You can choose if you want to search only in Questions, Articles, etc, or your own posts.
  2. You can look for posts of a particular member.
  3. You can look for posts with specific tags.
  4. You can set up a time limit and sort them by date/relevance.


➡️ Find something in your own posts

Go to your profile, choose Posts on the left-hand side, and after the page refreshes just write what you want to find in the search bar:


➡️ Find a Community member

If you know his or her name or e-mail open the Menu in the top left:

and click on Members:

This will open a table with all the members of this Community and at the top of it there is a Search box:

Hope you'll find these explanations useful.

Happy searching! ;)

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