· Aug 8, 2023 1m read

How (and why) to complete your DC profile

Hi Developers!

We know you joined the Community to connect with others and network or to share your knowledge and ask questions. To make it easier for everyone to learn a bit more about each other we'd like to ask you to fill in your bio and add a bit of info about yourselves.

To do this just go to your profile and you will see a prompt in the middle to Add bio:

Click on it and you will get the edit profile page with:

  • Contact info where you can edit your public email address
  • Basic info where you can fill in your position, company, website, bio

  • Additional info with links to your social media and professional profiles

  • Account settings for you timezone, location direct messaging and privacy options

By filling at least some of this info you will turn your profile from an almost anonymous user to an approachable member of the Community.

Have fun!

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