This is a bit of an IRIS question but also and OAuth 2.0 questions:

I am using %OAuth2.JWT.JWTToObject() to "validate" a JWT. My questions:

- While I am checking claims with the returned body, does the return status of the method "count" as a validation step? In other words, if I weren't checking claims and $$$OK was returned from that method call (passing in the token and public keys), I could feel confident that this token came from the expected auth server?

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· Nov 7, 2016
Monospace output from Zen


I have a problem which i think has a simple solution but which i and others haven't yet cracked. I want to display text output to a text box in monospaced font. At the moment the style sheet is shown below, I have tried various other options such as specifying a specific font such as Courier New. None of the browsers I have tried (Safari, Firefox on OSX, IE) display as monospace, although the last 2 come close. I wonder whether I need a <pre> tag, but I can't see how to do that in Zen.


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Hello there developers,

As I started to install the IRIS for community editing I came across this interface. (Image attached below)

Is there a major difference in these 2 types of installations and is there a place where I can refer with regard to this in detail please?

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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· Nov 2, 2020

Hi All,

I know hundreds of people have done this but I'm looking for some DTL's as a start to do HL7 to FHIR, I appreciate everyone's HL7 is slightly different, but just some starter DTL's would be much appreciated? Can anyone help?


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Hello Fellow Caché Developers,

The purpose of this post is to ask for everyone's thoughts and input around the use of transient, SQLCalculated/Computed properties within persistent classes.

This approach allows for extra data values needed in SQL queries to be available without having to join to other tables.

Very simple/basic example to illustrate the topic:

Let's say I have a persistent class named ICDAutoCodeDefn to hold ICD Auto-Coding definitions, such as:

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When connectiong to IRIS from UBUNTU LTS 18.04, I got this error message:

ErrorException: odbc_connect(): SQL error: [unixODBC][Iris ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 417]


Access Denied, SQL state S1000 in SQLConnect

I'm using "ODBC-2022." downloaded from


and folowing guide from

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I am looking to create a routing rule that will do the following:

When transaction is not an A03, and discharge date is valued, do not transform.

What I am having trouble with is with the conditional for the discharge date {PV1:45}. Not sure if I can use length here or if I can use HL7.{PV1:45}>0. I did try that, but its not working. Not sure what I am doing wrong.



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I'm processing POP3 emails using the standard EnsLib.EMail.InboundAdapter adapter and %Net.MailMessage. I'm basically processing documents that are attached to received emails. This works fine if the document is simply attached to the email itself. But some systems are sending documents that are attached to an attached email which has content-type = message/rfc822.

How do I get the attached file from the attached email?

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Hi all

I need to do hardware maintenance on a physical HealthConnect server which forms one half of a mirrored pair, and It will require multiple restarts.

So, I will need to prevent any HealthConnect services from restarting until all maintenance is completed. Is this just a case of disabling the service "HealthConnect Controller for <SERVERNAME>", or is there anything else I need to be aware of?


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I had attempted to create a REST Operation before but did not have success. As I am going through the Tutorials and Documentation everything references REST services, but I have a case where I want to create a REST Operation that makes Epic API calls against Interconnect. I have done SOAP operations before and we currently have one in our Production Namespace, but from what I understand SOAP has the wsdl which defines al the structures and etc, where REST does not.

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In 2020 we implemented HealthConnect as our HL7 interface engine. Having completed this, we are currently evaluating whether it would be beneficial to migrate our managed file transfers from our current MFT software, MOVEit to HealthConnect. I am interested in hearing from any InterSystems customers who have previously used MOVEit and currently using HealthConnect for file transfer managment. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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A customer wants to process D93A edifact files, orders and invoice. Does anyone have .SEF files available or know how to get them, so we can easily process them with Ensemble? Otherwise we would either have to write a parser for the two message types, or create a SEF file.

Any advice is welcome on this,


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Strong technical experience with InterSystems Cache Objects, XSLT is a must for this position.
Experience in CACHE/MUMPS technology.
Experience in IHE XCA, XDS.b profiles, CCDA exchange.
Experience in HL7 v2 messaging.
This position is good thru 2023 and very good possibility of extension if budget gets approved.
This position is for Pacific time hours.

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