David Satorres · Feb 20, 2020

ECP status via $system.ECP


I'm trying to get the ECP status of 2 servers using $system.ECP.GetProperty("ServerStats") and $system.ECP.GetProperty("ClientStats"), but I'm not able to find the documentation of the values returned:

For example, on the server side I execute this:

USER>w $system.ECP.GetProperty("ServerStats")

But I have no clue of what are the concepts behind the values. Any ideas?

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Thanks Alex.

But this other class gives as well the amount of bytes transferred and received ($p19 and $p20). And another bunch of numbers that I'd like to comprehend :-)

The method you are trying to use is not documented - if you look in the class reference, it is not there. This data is internal. As @Alexander Koblov suggested, you should use the SYS.ECP class. If you want the byte transferred information, that is available in mgstat. If there's a particular piece of information you need that isn't available with a supported method (or you can't find it), contact the WRC.