Peter Steiwer · Mar 5, 2020

Submitting Github Issue+Pull Request best practice

What does everyone think about submitting an issue in a repository and then submitting a pull request to fix that issue. Is it an unnecessary step or does it give extra context and logging for the issue? I ask this because when I find a bug in an Open Exchange app, I always submit the Issue and then often submit a Pull Request to fix the issue.


I think that if the repository owner doesn't like your suggested fix, it is helpful to have the issue around so that they can deny the pull request and potentially implement their own change for the issue.

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Depends on the project I guess.

Trivial fixes can be sent via pulls directly.

Bigger fixes usually require time to fix so some discussion can help.

That said, opening empty pull and talking there also works.

I agree with @Eduard Lebedyuk and I'd just emphasize that in most cases the extra minute it takes to create the issue is usually worth it, except for the simplest of fixes.