· Dec 11, 2022

Can't get a valid access token in FHIR Server with OAuth2


I'm playing with OAuth2 with FHIR Server, but returned tokens cause 401 or 403 errors when trying to get FHIR resources.

I tried using fhir-client.js and Postman. Access tokens returned have been failing for both, with a 401 when trying through fhir-client.js and a 403 using Postman.

Here are my settings:

OAuth2 server
OAuth2 user
OAuth2 application
fhir-client.js launch page
fhir-client.js redirect page (index.html)
fhir-client.js response

I tried out the same example with the SMART on FHIR Launcher and all works as expected:

SMART Launcher

Any help will be appreciated!


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