Seth Jaffe · Feb 13, 2017

Connecting using factory


  The following code in .Net using  CacheObject.dll  version 2016.1.2.206 com library

                  ConnectionString  =  "cn_iptcp:[1972]:PHDEMO:PHSYSADM:***********" 

                  b = factory.Connect(ConnectionString  )
                  objCacheObject =  factory.Static("CacheObjectConnection")     
                  clist  = factory.GetConnectionList()

  for the above code, b is true and clist is  Local,cn_iptcp:[1972]: 

Why isn't the in the connection list?  Next the program runs a function written an early version of Cache. This function returns NULL.  Are the early versions compatible?

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The docs for GetConnectionList state "The list is obtained from the client machine's registry" so it's equivalent to the list of connections you can see in the "Preferred Server" submenu from your local system tray cube.

What is the $ZV string of the Cache instance on port 1972 on server ?