Leon Duveen · Feb 12, 2020

I keep getting ERROR #6159 when trying to read in a WSDL file from the server

I am using the SOAP Wizard in Studio to try to read in a WSDL file that is physically on our HealthShare server.    I keep getting the same error:

ERROR #6159: Although HTTPS is turned on no SSLConfiguration is specified so unable to make an HTTPS connection.


As I am not trying to connect via HTTP ( and I don't see anywhere to add an SSL connection), I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Any suggestions & solutions gratefully accepted.

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System Administration - Security - SSL/TLS Configurations.

Have you made a configuration for your service?

Yes but have no way to assosiate it with the the WSDL.  Also the supplier of the WSDL say it shouldn't need a link back to them.

May be call WRC. I do not have a version here currently that supports soap and also don't have rights to do any configurations and also can't download community version else would have made a sample example and sent over.

Hi Leon,

This might be a bit far-fetched, but can you get a hold of the MessageDataTypes.xsd, from your screenshot.

If you can, you might copy the content of the xsd into this local wsdl and remove the https link. This might alleviate the issue. This worked for me awhile ago, but for a xs:import.