bo liu · Jan 26, 2021
SNMP development

At present, the SNMP information provided in healthConnect can not meet the needs of users. How to extend the SNMP Library of the program

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I have a table with a Varchar(max) column that I have created via the HealthShare SQL portal, and I see that in it's underlying class that column corresponds to a %Stream.GlobalCharacter

When I try to do a text search on that column (referenced as cd.Code in the example below) I get an error

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How can we insert into a table using a stored procedure

Table structure :

CREATE TABLE SampleHospital (
    Hospital VARCHAR(50),
    Location VARCHAR(50),
    UserName VARCHAR(50),
       UserFullName VARCHAR(70),
       LastLogin TIMESTAMP,
       LoginCount int)


Procedure Name:

call Custom_MENS_Other.samplesp('2021-11-02','2021-11-04','H001')

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Rochdi Badis · Jul 21
Zen Page source url

Hi Guys,

usually when I want to find out which class is a zen page is, I just right click on the page and go to properties and this will show me the class url, but with this client I don't get properties as below !?



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I'm wanting to write a query in SQL that will return a row with a count for each day for a given month or year for a specific operation or configname.  The following is a start but I'm not finding what I want in the documentation to parse out the TimeLogged field of the table.  Nay help is appreciated.

SELECT count(TimeLogged), ConfigName
FROM Ens_Util.Log
where TimeLogged like '2021-07%'
and ConfigName = 'operation_Name'
group by TimeLogged

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is it possible to avoid the display of certain properties in a custom message class in the message viewer content section. The message class is a common Ens.Request with a bunch of properties alongside one property of Type enslib.dicom.document wich in Turn is Not extended By %XML.Adaptor so the content display of course displays an error. 

My idea is to avoid the display of That certain property When output is rendered (Text/XML). Using Ens.Util.MessageBodyMethods and method %OnShowContents could be a way to do this But i don‘t find a way to do so. 

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Hi all,

is there a way to remove a specific property path from a DICOM document created within Ensemble/IRIS for Health etc. I had a look at class EnsLib.DICOM.Document to see if there is something like RemoveAt.

The reason for my question resides in the need to filter certain fields for specific DICOM devices. Maybe you have an idea?

best regards,

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Is there a way to add/substract from a pivot variable?

I have this MDX:

  NON EMPTY [DateOfSale].[Actual].[YearSold].&[$variable.Year] ON 0,
  NON EMPTY [Product].[P1].[Product Name].Members ON 1

And with pivot variable Year equal to, say, 2016 it works:


Now I want to add previous year  first with one pivot variable and one explicit reference. It also works:

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Now that I have SAM up and running, out of the box I would like to add some Application Metrics. Does anyone have templates, or have suggested classes that someone could use to add custom metrics to SAM? Maybe we should start a repository somewhere? Or would someone be willing to share custom metrics on the Open Exchange? 

What I am looking to do is capture the overall HL7 message and header count per day.

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We use the Category drop-down for other IT analysts to quickly see interfaces related to their application/group.  This drop0down fails to work (IDs get out of sync with Config Item IDs) if the Production is compiled.    There is no fix available (development was started, but stopped in favor of other items).

Has anyone else run into this issue?  Any custom work-arounds?


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I am using the 

import intersys.pythonbind3 as pyb

conn     = pyb.connection()
db      = pyb.database(conn)
qry        = pyb.query(db)
obj        = pyb.object(db)

for connection to the cache instance

However when I run this class method, The error message  indicates the method does not exist:


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Good morning,

First of all, thank you very much in advance for reading and responding.

Also, thank you for any support, because it is a relief, support, contribution, help to have people with more understanding, knowledge and practice, reading, and thinking this doubt.


There is the following need:

Two 2 circuits are available:

1st DICOM Circuit of "Studio" ( Classic Service ).

Service: class: DICOM.BS.QueryService

Process: class: DICOM.BP.QueryProcess

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I have this arrangement of mirror

Node 1: Primary

Node 2: Failover

Async member is DR server

There is also an arbiter on another server


I want to make 'Node 2' primary as 'Node 1' is to be taken down for some scheduled maintenance work.

I know that I can issue 'iris stop' on 'Node 1' and 'Node 2' should takeover as Primary.


1. Is this a reliable recommended way? I have had cases in the past when the Failover node did not take over as Primary

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