BiDirectional interface

I'm a beginner with Health connect.  Trying to create a bi-directional interface.  is there a specific class I should use on the business  operations/services? 

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Cedric opened a WRC case about this.

Just as a note - I naively followed that link and got a warning from the WRC portal that I was attempting to access data that my organisation should not have access to, and that repeated attempts to access the link may suspend my WRC account.

Whoops smiley


It all depends on what type/format of data you're trying to exchange and how you want to exchange it.  Is it HL7,  SWIFT, custom format...? Will it be via a file, email, TCP/IP, FTP...?  There are adapters available in Health Connect to use in services and operations that will handle a wide variety of types and protocols.  Have you taken a look at the online materials in the InterSystems Learning Portal?  There's a resource guide Learn Ensemble for Developers and System Integrators (Ensemble was the precursor to Health Connect) that may be helpful when first starting out.  It has a lot of information about how to design and build integrations.

If you provide a little more about what you're trying to do, it'll help in being able to provide more specific guidance.