crys su · Jul 12, 2021

provision sandbox

when trying iris, the provision sandbox isn't working. what's wrong or what should i do? thanks so much.


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Hello Crys,

Where exactly are you running into this issue and is there an error?

Please reach out to with the details and they can help you look into this.

at the same place, Part2: WebServices with ObjectScript, mentioned about "overwrite server" option. is it a menu or button? since hard to find it on Theia{the vscode-styled webIde}.

I also did not see an overwrite server option, but when I saved the catalog.cls/inventory.cls files (I used command+s) and checked the ObjectScript explorer, I saw my classes had been updated and compiled. You could mention this to the online training team as well, as the "overwrite server" item might be a detail from a previous version of the tutorial.

I'm not sure if some particular sequence could cause you to need to manually check an "overwrite server" box.

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