· Mar 14, 2023

Error when running ^SystemPerformance utility

Hi all,

When I run the ^SystemPerformance utility to collect performance data about my IRIS instance (community), it manages to collect all sorts of data except for data related to ^perfmon. I am using %SYS to run the utility which should have all privilages, not sure what's meant by the below error message


Command failed to run.
Error response from 'logman' command:

Access is denied.
Try running this command as an administrator.

Thank you!

Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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Hi Mohammed,

This is a fairly common issue with Windows permissions. How are you opening terminal? Are you opening a Windows admin command prompt before entering the IRIS shell? Have you set a service user with the appropriate permissions to run Perfmon, if you are launching terminal from the cube?

Basically, this message is informing you that the user running the terminal (and trying to run SystemPerformance) is trying to open Perfmon and can't. The above are a few things to check.