As per the documentation of QueueCountAlert:
Number of messages on this item's queue needed to trigger an Alert message to be sent. Note that no further alerts will be sent unless the number of messages on the queue drops below 80% of this number and then rises again to this number.
Note that this alert will be sent even if AlertOnError is False.
Zero means no alerts of this type will be sent.

Now, the question is,
If QueueCountAlert is set to 10, and the queue size become 11 we will be getting email once.

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Running TuneTable accounts among other the parameter named Block Count. In documentation, we see that this is an approximate numbers of 2K-blocks in which SQL-maps are stored. Databases in recent Cache doesn't support 2K-physical blocks so SQL-blocks are not physical blocks as it seems. So two questions:

- what are these blocks?

- how knowledge about count of blocks can help in SQL optimization?

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We have a Unicode installation of Cache'. A client wants to send us documents that will be machine-read and loaded, automatically. They want to create the documents in ISO-8859-1 ("Latin-1"). We'd need to convert the text to UTF8 for our system. I saw the documentation on the $ZCONVERT function, but I didn't see this option. How should it be done?


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When we need to create a utf-8 encoded XML file, we use the Charset property of %XML.Writer:

set writer=##class(%XML.Writer).%New()
set writer.Charset="UTF-8"

How can we create regular txt files with such encoding?

Our Cache Installations are 8 bit and not unicode.


Nael Naser eldeen

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· Apr 13, 2021
Technical Assessment Platforms

Hello everyone!

Have you ever worked with or undertaken a test through a technical assessment platform (Codility, Coderbyte, HackerRank, ...)? What was your experience?

Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Hi all,

I am looking for an implementation idea for displaying a large amount of data received from a webservice. This data are essentialy HL7-Message as a GlobalCharacter Stream and some metadata (status,processed,timecreated etc.).

Since I need sorting functionalities for those metadata a tablepane in a zen page seems to be suitable. i know there are different ways to provide data for the table but in this case it´s complicated to get them data fetched.

Consider the following steps

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· Apr 22, 2021
Cache code conversion tool


I have a requirement to convert few screens having character based interface built in Cache to a web based interface in Java while still keeping Cache as the backend which means database will remain the same. Wanted to know if we have any tool in the market which can help doing that keeping in consideration that these screens in cache are using mumps code.

If we don't have any tool, would appreciate if someone shares their experience in the manual conversion as well.

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Thanks for your time.

Plain $ZF(-1) and $ZF(-2) calls from Cache Studio or Terminal have stopped launching the OS shell from Win10.

cmd (Windows Command Prompt) should be launched.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Ensemble 2016.2.0.585.0 Developer Edition x64

Is this common? I have enabled both %Developer role and a Cache CallOut privilege for all users that operate in this scenario.

In Terminal, W $ZF(-1) prints -1, W $ZF(-2) prints -1

In Studio, W $ZF(-1) hangs the IDE, W $ZF(-2) prints 0

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently developing a TCP inbound Service to read some XML sent from a TCP Operation that uses EnsLib.TCP.CountedOutboundAdapter.

1) I have tried EnsLib.TCP.Inbound adapter but that gives this error:

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <METHOD DOES NOT EXIST>zinitConfig+7 ^Ens.Host.1 *%New,EnsLib.TCP.InboundAdapter -- logged as '-'
number - @'
Set ..Adapter = $classmethod(..#ADAPTER,"%New")'

Due to this, the adapter is unable to start listening for incoming connections.

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Hello Community,

We want to send ALL updates from our Cache server to a remote SQL Server instance that will be used as a reporting data warehouse.

Has anyone done this already and if so what is the best way to go about setting this up?




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· Dec 22, 2016
Computed property


I have 3 classes defined to model the team/team-member/employee relationship, where each employee can belong to multiple teams, each team can have multiple employees, and one and only one team member is a team leader:

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Hi Group, I've followed the instructions from the documentation to configure LDAP and Ensemble to authenticate, however, I'm unable to authenticate using an account in the LDAP. The user is able to authenticate in a Linux shell. I have added the ObjectClass of IntersystemsAccount and the 3 group definitions to the schema. Other than adding the user to this group, do I have to change the user's objectClass at all?

This is not on active directory - it is a Linux based LDAP solution (slapd).

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First of all thank you for your time reading our topic

We would need some help from experienced people

We have a SOAP Service with more than 10 methods

Our aim is to include all classes being used by this SOAP Service, in a Studio project

The challenge is that there are plenty Data classes (which extends from (%SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor))

▶️ Is there a recommended way to include all project's classes in a Studio project?

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Hi community,

I am in the process of building a React Native Application for a restaurant.

I am not quite sure if we can use IRIS as the main database for this and if there is a possibility I am not quite sure how to do it.

If there is a possibility could some one help me out with it please?

Or do you think using AWS is a better choice?

Please let me know your ideas and guidelines in the comments or please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Hoping to hear soon.


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(2021.1.0 isn't an option in the Product dropdown, but that's the version of HS I'm asking about!)

In the past I've used HS.Util.Installer.InstallBusDemo() to set up a local HealthShare environment (registry, edges, access gateway, etc.) I don't see an equivalent in HealthShare 2021.1. I tried importing the bits and pieces from a lower version but always seem to be missing something. Is there an equivalent utility to do a local setup in HS 2021.1?



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Hello. New to the forum and was hoping I could get some expert help here. I have one data set that is using CHD Logic to combine Procedure and Diagnosis codes to define Sensitive data and flag the record for additional protected filtering. The files coming in define what is flagged and the Clinical Info Rule and Clinical Info Type are tied to the flag in the file which identifies it as a additional protected record.

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