· May 12, 2023

Serializing Collections in SOAP request of SOAP EnsLib Service

Has anyone had success with passing in a collections  property within a SOAP request to a Soap Service in Ensemble? Please reply with how you set up that collections property. I am able to successfully send a SOAP request correctly containing the elements of the collection property to Cache, as seen in a custom soap log file which I am using to troubleshoot. But the collection property in the  Ensemble request is not getting serialized, meaning MyContainers has nothing.

My.Request consists of a property, MyContainers, which can have 0 or more Containers (My.Container)

When MyContainers  is of My.ContainerList (ArrayOfObjects) datatype , I get an object script error : LIST>%GetSerial+1^%Library.ArrayOfObjects. Please see the class definition below.

When MyContainers is a  list of My.Container, the MyContaieners in the Ensemble message shows up empty.(This is not shown in the code snippets below)


See class definitions below

Service  class 

// Sample.MyService
Class Sample.MyService Extends EnsLib.SOAP.Service

/// Name of the WebService.
Parameter SERVICENAME = "MyService";
/// TODO: change this to actual SOAP namespace.
/// SOAP Namespace for the WebService
Parameter NAMESPACE = "";
Property Target as Ens.DataType.ConfigName

Method SendToTarget(pRqst As My.Request) As My.Response[SoapAction="", webmethod]
    Set tSC= ..SendRequestSync(..Target, pRqst, .tResponse)
    return tResponse
Class My.Request Extends (HS.Util.EnsRequest, %XML.Adaptor)

    Property MyContainers As My.ContainerList;
Class My.ContainerList Extends (%ArrayOfObjects, %XML.Adaptor)
    Parameter ELEMENTTYPE="My.Container";
Class My.Container Extends (%RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor)
    Property PropertyA As %String;
    Property PropertyB As %String;
Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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Hi Stella,

Thinking could this use the "List Of" syntax to achieve a collection for XML projection.


Class TEST.SOAPCOL.MyService Extends EnsLib.SOAP.Service
/// Name of the WebService.
Parameter SERVICENAME = "MyService"; /// TODO: change this to actual SOAP namespace.
/// SOAP Namespace for the WebService
Parameter NAMESPACE = ""; Property Target As Ens.DataType.ConfigName; Parameter SETTINGS = "Target:Basic";
Method SendToTarget(pRqst As TEST.SOAPCOL.Request) As TEST.SOAPCOL.Response [ SoapAction = "", WebMethod ]
    set tResponse=##class(TEST.SOAPCOL.Response).%New()
    Set tSC= ..SendRequestAsync(..Target, pRqst)
    return tResponse

Request (Note "List Of" )

Class TEST.SOAPCOL.Request Extends Ens.Request
  Property MyContainer As list Of TEST.SOAPCOL.ListItem;

Inner Items

Class TEST.SOAPCOL.ListItem Extends (%Persistent, %XML.Adaptor)
Property PropertyA As %String;
Property PropertyB As %String; 


Class TEST.SOAPCOL.Response Extends Ens.Response

Projection seen in Message Trace:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!-- type: TEST.SOAPCOL.Request  id: 1 -->

Trying out client code in terminal:

set o=##class(MyService.MyServiceSoap).%New()
set o.Location="http://localhost:1980/TEST.SOAPCOL.MyService.CLS"
set pRqst=##class(MyService.Request).%New()
set item=##class(MyService.ListItem).%New()
set item.PropertyA="AAA"
set item.PropertyB="BBB"
do pRqst.MyCOntainer.Insert(item)
set response=o.SendToTarget(pRqst)