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Thanks Julian,

I did something similar and set a counter and it works as expected.

One more query, I am also trying to iterate the OBXGrp().NTE's but the IF statement  is returning false, can you see anything wrong with the syntax?

For each: source.{PIDgrpgrp(1).ORCgrp(1).OBXgrp(1).NTE()}
                        CODE:   S INAB = 1
I’m testing against this message so it should be picking up the OBX NTE with ‘192M’:

Additional info:

I've added the following DTL and managed to append the ORC NTE segments from inbound message to outbound translated message PID NTE, issue is when I have multiple  ORC NTEs to append to PID NTE they overwrite as opposed  to appending as multiple NTE segments:

for each source.{PIDgrpgrp().ORCgrp().NTE()}

append target.{PIDgrpgrp().PIDgrp.NTE(k1)} source.{PIDgrpgrp().ORCgrp().NTE(k1)}


test- you can see only the one NTE is copied over:

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