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I ended up changing over to use the CacheActiveX method for connecting and running the query which works really well. I do have a question, though: Is there any way to use a defined ODBC DSN in the connection string using CacheActiveX?

Thanks! I figured out my issue, I had set up my ODBC connection incorrectly and was referencing the wrong namespace. Thank you for the assistance!

Thank you for the responses so far, I greatly appreciate them!

I found some information online about using ADO and ODBC to make the connection which has gotten me close. Here is what I have in Excel VBA:

and here is the error I get when I run this code:

The "GETSQLLBIMA7" query exists in the USER namespace under the USER package. I'm not sure where "SQLUSER" is coming from or how to specify a different namespace or package.

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