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I apologize for the misunderstanding, my goal wasn't comparaing two languages, but rather using external languages Interface in ObjectScript ;)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all your really interesting comments. It helped a lot, especially on using ObjectScript classes I wasn't aware of.
But there could be a misunderstanding on the subject of this article.

The goal was not comparing several languages, but rather : "I did it with ObjectScript and the performances the way I did was not matching my expectations, so I would like to use an other language I know that match my expectations".
And to do so, before this language is embedded in ObjectScript I will use the external language Interface.

However, if I have known to use  %Stream.FileCharacter, I still would have done it in Python so that I can use $system.external Interface :)

Thank you very much, I never knew it was possible to read a file that way.
I tried too with MUMPS doing "open for {use read}" but had the same result. Thank you very much.

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