\X000D\ as a carriage return in HL7 messages

I'm receiving HL7 message containing the escape sequence \X00D\ indicating a carriage return. In the HL7 documentation I find that this is a valid escape sequence but when I read the intersystems documentation it states that only \X0D\ is valid.

What is the best way to work around this? I think that intersystems should change the UnescapeEx method in the EnsLib.HL7.Segment so that it complies with the standards.


Hi Wouter,

I'm not looking at any HL7 documentation at the moment, but I think \X0D\ is the valid escape sequence. The X denotes that this is one or more hex characters and the 0D is hex for carriage return. The value 00D would not be a valid hex value.

I forgot an extra 0 .. its \X000D\ . So it says 0D (CR) in Unicode. Instead of 2 digits what intersystems understands it's 4 digits as is permitted by the specs.