Hi Community!

As you know we launched the InterSystems Open Exchange — the marketplace for solutions and tools on InterSystems Data Platforms!

But how to publish your application on OE?

Before we start, let me answer the few basic questions.

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Hi, Community!

Just came back from Global Summit 2018 and want to share my impressions.

Key highlights of my choice:

1. The announcement of a new InterSystem Data Platform: InterSystems IRIS for Health!

2. Community and Express licensing for InterSystems IRIS 

3. The Launch of InterSystems Open Exchange - the gallery of InterSystems Solutions, Tools, Technology examples, Adapters, and Interfaces! E.g. test coverage tool and Ethereum Blockchain Adapter

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Hi Community!

I'm pleased to announce that we've just launched the new product in the family of InterSystems Data Platforms:

InterSystems IRIS for Health

IRIS for Health — is the world’s first and only data platform engineered specifically for healthcare. It empowers you to rapidly create and scale the industry’s next breakthrough applications.

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Hi, Community!

This is a digest of the Developer Community postings in September 2018.


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