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Application Errors Analytics

Hi Developers!

As you know the application errors live in ^ERRORS global. They appear there if you call:

d e.Log() 

in a Catch section of Try-Catch.

With @Robert Cemper's approach, you can now use SQL to examine it.

Inspired by Robert's module I introduced a simple IRIS Analytics module which shows these errors in a dashboard:

And you can drill to lines if click on the charts:

How to use it?

You can install the module with the following ZPM command:

USER>zpm "install objectscript-errors-analytics"

If you have errors in this namespace (e.g. in USER) you can check the dashboard in browser:


And you can generate some random errors with the following command:

do ##class(

And to refresh the data and rebuild the cube:

do ##class(

What is cool about this project, that it uses a new feature of 0.2.5 ZPM version to deploy IRIS Analytics resources.

Looking for your feedback and collaboration!

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