Hope this could help:

w ##class(%ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider).%WriteJSONStreamFromObject(.stream,j)


SAMPLES>w stream.Read()






Stolen from @Kyle Baxter answer here. 

If you plan to have IRIS analytics server one of the options is to setup the second server as disaster recovery mirror member - it's an async mirror member.

This will let you to have a server that is almost always automatically up-to-date  and the server is ready for analytics queries load

To start a production:

do ##class(Ens.Director).StartProduction("myProduction")

To stop a production:

do ##class(Ens.Director).StopProduction()

This is from here.

Speaking of CSV import options here are two more:

  • CSVGEN - CSV import util to import from code or terminal
  • CSVGEN-UI - the web UI for CSVGEN to drag-n-drop

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Hi Ed!

if you do it like this?

  } ON 0,
  NON EMPTY [Product].[P1].[Product Name].Members ON 1

Hi Simon!

Also when you refer to a HTTPS service you need to have SSL configuration in IRIS.

You can set up it manually or programmatically or just install zpm modulle:

USER>zpm "install ssl-client" 

that will setup a "default" SSL configuration which you could use then in the requests to HTTPS resources.

And yes, for this you would need a ZPM client installed.