Hi Rochdi! curl is a software that can make http calls from a command line. 

Are you sure you need curl? Or maybe you need to make http calls from IRIS or Ensemble? 

There are plenty of examples.

E.g. here is a one line to make an http GET request and download  and install ZPM:

    s r=##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New(),r.Server="pm.community.intersystems.com",r.SSLConfiguration="ISC.FeatureTracker.SSL.Config" d r.Get("/packages/zpm/latest/installer"),$system.OBJ.LoadStream(r.HttpResponse.Data,"c")

It is an example of http request

I suppose your code is in some repository, e.g. GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. So you can just do the class rename code-refactoring procedure in all the classes of the package and in all the places the methods of package class can be called: rename code test.a->work.a.

and move all the files from folder test.a to work.a.

Hi @Werner Noske! It looks like you are trying to work on your project in the built-in USER namespace and database.


USER namespace is for testing/demo purposes.

You are welcome to start a new clear database from scratch. 

For example, you can follow this template that starts with a new clear namespace and database IRISAPP.

Hope this could help:

w ##class(%ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider).%WriteJSONStreamFromObject(.stream,j)


SAMPLES>w stream.Read()






Stolen from @Kyle Baxter answer here.