Hi Simon!

Also when you refer to a HTTPS service you need to have SSL configuration in IRIS.

You can set up it manually or programmatically or just install zpm modulle:

USER>zpm "install ssl-client" 

that will setup a "default" SSL configuration which you could use then in the requests to HTTPS resources.

And yes, for this you would need a ZPM client installed.

Hi Stefan! Why would you want to import code in XML form?

IRIS and I bet Ensemble too can load it from CLS as well using $System.OBJ.%ImportDir()

So you can load CLS source files directly from the folder with no need to transform it to XML first. 

Just wait a few days, Fabiana - it takes a while to make the account available for voting.

Now it's approved! 

Yes, the review process in OEX takes human time and sometimes it's not immediate) 

@Robert Cemper, thanks again for yet-another useful contribution to the community!

Hi Norbert!

This is not the advice on how to uninstall or reinstall, sorry.  I'm on Mac and my advice not to install IRIS but use docker images for Development in IRIS. With this approach, you can use any version of IRIS with your code just changing the line of the image.

There are zillion examples and templates on Open Exchange, but you could start with this one., probably the simplest.