· Jun 11, 2020

Naming convention: isc vs community for ObjectScript package names

Hi Devs!

A few months ago I raised a discussion on the naming convention for ZPM modules.

And you free to put your name or your organization name for the packages you want to have your personal or company's brand.

But if you contribute to community, we suggested to have "community." package for all such libraries.

But the name is too long.

What if we use "isc." instead?  Which can be read as "isc ->InterSystemsCommunity". Short and unique.

What do you think?

Best name for a community objectscript package
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Just to outline my understanding:
my package will be rcc.subject.classname   
rarely eventually zrcc.subject.classname  if it should go to %SYS .

And I will not touch/ rename existing projects as this means changing not just the code
but also README.md , Descriptions in OEX and Articles in DC, Screenshots, Dependencies (not just my own), ...
Over all a good source for mistakes, typos, errrors, confusion, 

out of the experience: every project in ZPM needs its personal package.

otherwise, you may see this:

ERROR #5001: Resource 'rcc.PKG' is already defined as part of module 'echoserver-wsock-iris'; cannot also be listed in module 'iris-internal-websocket-client'
ERROR #6315: FErrors reporting importing XML subelement in file  'C:\InterSystems\IRIS\mgr\.modules\USER\iris-internal-websocket-client\1.0.0\module.xml', at line'3', offset '55'. skipping this item.