Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 11, 2020

Naming convention: isc vs community for ObjectScript package names

Hi Devs!

A few months ago I raised a discussion on the naming convention for ZPM modules.

And you free to put your name or your organization name for the packages you want to have your personal or company's brand.

But if you contribute to community, we suggested to have "community." package for all such libraries.

But the name is too long.

What if we use "isc." instead?  Which can be read as "isc ->InterSystemsCommunity". Short and unique.

What do you think?

Best name for a community objectscript package
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I liked isc. 

idc: intersystems developer community, may be a good option too. But a I prefer isc.

I don't like 'isc'. It was (is) sometimes used as an abbreviation for "InterSystems Corporation". So that does not indicate clearly that package comes from Community.

'community' is fine. It's not too long.

Yes, 'isc' may be interpreted as packages from InterSystems Corp. 'community' is a bit long... Could be 'idc' (InterSystems Developer Community) or 'osc' (ObjectScript Community)?

Do you plan to allow subpackages, e.g. dc.myapp?
What to do with those apps that had been already uploaded to Open Exchange before this naming convention will be established?

1. Sure

2. it’s not a rule, it’s a recommendation. It’s an attempt to answer the question,If you develop the module which will live with other modules, what the name should be to minimize possible package conflicts 

So this thread is an attempt to agree within the community on the modules naming

I'd like cm that stands for community. Everybody knows that we are all developers here, so this is not of great need to be reminded. Just IMHO :)

So, dc. is the selected package name for Community-related packages.



is an example of the name.

Just to outline my understanding:
my package will be rcc.subject.classname   
rarely eventually zrcc.subject.classname  if it should go to %SYS .

And I will not touch/ rename existing projects as this means changing not just the code
but also README.md , Descriptions in OEX and Articles in DC, Screenshots, Dependencies (not just my own), ...
Over all a good source for mistakes, typos, errrors, confusion, 


As discussed previously in the Naming Convention topic, the first package in a class name is your name or your company. 

dc. - is for packages contributed to InterSystems Community, by InterSystems or by individuals and companies when a personal name or company's name is not an option for some reason.

out of the experience: every project in ZPM needs its personal package.

otherwise, you may see this:

ERROR #5001: Resource 'rcc.PKG' is already defined as part of module 'echoserver-wsock-iris'; cannot also be listed in module 'iris-internal-websocket-client'
ERROR #6315: FErrors reporting importing XML subelement in file  'C:\InterSystems\IRIS\mgr\.modules\USER\iris-internal-websocket-client\1.0.0\module.xml', at line'3', offset '55'. skipping this item.

Wow. Looks like a bug! At least this is not convenient. Could you please file this?

Turned out we'll not fix this soon. module.xml stats RULES for gathering the package and for a clean up too.

So if you delete the package with rcc.PCG in module.xml will delete literally the package rcc from the system with all the child classes.

This is how it works now.

So for now please describe the exact feature package in the module.xml.

Thanks for your clarification.  I have now 1 rcc.PKG and several rcc.anything.PKG