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In fact, It works!


zpm: USER>install terminal-multiline

[terminal-multiline]    Reload START
[terminal-multiline]    Reload SUCCESS
[terminal-multiline]    Module object refreshed.
[terminal-multiline]    Validate START
[terminal-multiline]    Validate SUCCESS
[terminal-multiline]    Compile START
[terminal-multiline]    Compile SUCCESS
[terminal-multiline]    Activate START
[terminal-multiline]    Configure START
[terminal-multiline]    Configure SUCCESS
[terminal-multiline]    Activate SUCCESS
zpm: USER>q

Usage with copy-n-paste from docs:

USER>d ^%zml
Entering multi line mode. Run with empty line. Stop with single "."
USER:zml:1> SET x=8
USER:zml:2>   FOR { WRITE "Running loop x=",x,!
USER:zml:3>         SET x=x-1
USER:zml:4>         QUIT:x=3
USER:zml:5>       }
USER:zml:6>   WRITE "Next command after FOR code block"
Running loop x=8
Running loop x=7
Running loop x=6
Running loop x=5
Running loop x=4

Next command after FOR code block

It works like a charm!

Bravo, @Robert Cemper!