· Oct 2, 2020

VSCode Settings JSON File

Hi VSCode users!

Just want to check with you, is this settings.json file ideal enough if I:

1. Want VSCode to connect to IRIS in docker?

2. Want to use VSCode SQL Tool?

The connection settings file:

    "files.associations": {
        "Dockerfile*": "dockerfile",
        "iris.script": "objectscript"
    "objectscript.conn" :{
      "ns": "IRISAPP",
      "password": "SYS",
      "docker-compose": {
        "service": "iris",
        "internalPort": 52773
    "sqltools.connections": [
        "namespace": "IRISAPP",
        "connectionMethod": "Server and Port",
        "showSystem": false,
        "previewLimit": 50,
        "server": "localhost",
        "port": 32770,
        "askForPassword": false,
        "driver": "InterSystems IRIS",
        "name": "objectscript-docker",
        "username": "_SYSTEM",
        "password": "SYS"


Also available here.

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