I have a case where I am creating a PDF file from an Encoded String, and I need to transfer this file over to another server. I was wondering since this is PDF file if I could just invoke the FTP.OutboundAdapter within my Object script that is creating the PDF from the encoded string. Is this possible? Does anyone have an examples of using EnsLib.FTP.OutboundAdpater within their Object Script?


Scott Roth

Integration - Interfaces

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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Hello experts,

I’m working on an "Sort After" (]]) bug that I traced back to some weird behavior in ObjectScript.  Perhaps someone can enlighten me…

The problem is as follows:

Let’s say we have:

Set A = “1.0”
Set B = “2.2”

If you execute the command ‘Sort After’ (]]), you get the following:

W A]]B

…Which is wrong, A does NOT sort after B.  The output should be 0.

If you set A and B to numeric values, it correctly outputs false (0):

set A = 1.0
set B = 2.2
​W A]]B


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I need to guarantee that a parent AND child rows has been inserted successfully before any other process is able to read ANY of the data.

What is the proper way to prevent DIRTY reads?  Per the Intersystem's documentation I should be able to use 'START TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ COMMITTED'.  I have attempted to use these commands in embedded and dynamic SQL calls to no avail.

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Vitaliy Serdtsev · May 20, 2017 10m read
Localization in Caché DBMS

This is a translation of the following article. Thanks @Evgeny Shvarov  for the help in translation.

Let's assume that you wrote a program that shows "Hello World!", for example:

  write "Hello, World!"

The program works and everyone is happy.

With time, however, your program becomes more complex, gets more features and you eventually need to show the same string in different languages. Moreover you don't know the number and names of these languages.

The spoiler below contains a description of how the task of multi-language localization is solved in Caché.

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P Patz · May 12, 2017
Use a class property to pass a flag

Looking for a way in which I could possibly pass a flag through a property when performing an Insert statement, on a mapped class.

insert into my.class (serialNumber, modelNumber, myFlag) value ('testSerial', 'testModel', 0)
    myFlag is not stored in the DB.

The mapped class then calls a legacy routine (MAC) via CodeMode = 'objectgenerator', (Insert method within the 'objectgenerator')

Within the legacy routine, I am setting an index... but I don't always want to set it (multiple inserts, and I will only set the index on the LAST insert)

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What is a correct way to pass parameters to the  %CONTAINS in embedded SQL statement when searching thru %Text property?

s sp="child,health"





is not the same as executing the following in the SQL Manager

SELECT ID FROM ICD WHERE Name %CONTAINS ('child','health')

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On the back of my recent post on writing bug-less code I wanted to raise a few suggestions (to ISC) that would help prevent certain types of bugs at compile time. I've probably missed a few, but these are the main ones in my mind. Please contribute more suggestions.

Btw, these also serve as potential gotchas for new COS developers.

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Cache Studio almost always crashes when I click rows in Call Stack view during debugging. Then Cache has to be restarted because last edited file remains locked.

Looks like I'm the only one who uses the debugger. Or is there a magic spell to make stack view working?

Cache 2016.1.1

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I have classes A and B, B derived from A, A has method Abc.

From INT of class B I see that compiler copies implementation of Abc to class B, so that Abc exists both in A and B.

As result, when B invokes Abs, B.Abs() is executed instead of A.Abs(). In result debuger is not able to step into Abs and breakpoints in A.Abs never hit.

Why this happens and how can I avoid this?


OK, now I know the reason: compiler makes the copy if Abc has this line:

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With help from others here I had developed some code to take a Base64 PDF within a OBX.5 and save it locally to the file structure on the server.

I had to make a change to the code to return me a String so I can pass the Path back into Ensemble to use it in the message. When I made this change I am getting " ERROR #5034: Invalid status code structure ("/ensemble/data/transfer/AncillaryPDF/TMSAUDIO/Apr-11-1/980512729TMSAUDIO1046784936436537800.pdf")"

Here is the code...

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There is a large file that needs to be processed, with over 500 000 rows. Each row needs to be verified for various data and then all the results collated and reported into a single report.  What is the most efficient way to do this? I tried calling the processing function with Job , where each function jobbed off would report results to a different node of a common global. But the jobbed functions are not updating their respective rows even though I am passing the global name and root node. What is the most efficient way to process this large file?

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