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CSV Anonymizer Powered by InterSystems IRIS®

Tiny web application that allows you to anonymize CSV files. Based on InterSystems IRIS®

Version: store/intersystems/iris-community:2020.


Sample CSV where Date of Birth and Sex will remain untouched, while the rest should be anonymized.


The application recognizes the header columns and allows the user to chose which ones to ignore.


After processing.



Make sure you have Docker up and running before starting.

Option 1

Recommended in case you just want to get the application up and running.

docker run --name anonymizer --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 rlourenc/iris-csv-anonymizer:1.0

Option 2

Recommended in case you want to play with the source code and twiki it to your taste.

Clone the repository to your desired directory

git clone

Once the repository is cloned, execute:

Always make sure you are inside the main directory to execute docker-compose commands.

docker-compose up


You can now access the application via http://localhost:9092/appl/Anonymizer.Web.Application.zen

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