Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 27, 2020

Advent of Code 2020 with InterSystems! Join to win prizes!

Hey Developers,

Are you ready to participate in the annual December competition?

Join the Advent of Code 2020 with InterSystems and participate in our ObjectScript contest to win some $$$ prizes!


🏆 Our Leaderboard 🏆

Here you can find our last year's participants.

👉🏼 Join the ObjectScript private leaderboard with 130669-ab1f69bf code.

Note: You need to sign in to Advent of code (e.g. with GitHub / Google / Twitter / Reddit account) to see the leaderboard and participate in the contest.


🥇 1st place - $3,000 

🥈 2nd place - $2,000 

🥉 3rd place - $1,000

All winners will also get a special high-level Global Master badge.

Note: InterSystems employees are not eligible for money prizes.

Win Conditions:

To win our prize you should be on the top of the ObjectScript Leaderboard and upload all the solutions in a public repository on GitHub and present the code in InterSystems ObjectScript in UDL form as presented in the template below.

⬇️ The Advent of Code 2020 contest ObjectScript template


The first puzzles will unlock on December 1st at midnight EST (UTC-5).

See you then and good luck to all of you! 

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As we discussed and decided in discord it's OK to keep the repo private until the end of the contest.

At the moment the following members are in the top 20 🔥

top 20 🔥 participants according to today's results:

Hey Devs!

Let's see the top 20 participants 🤩


Please enjoy the best 20 participants!


Only 4 days left till the end of the competition 💪

Let’s see the results!



Please enjoy the results of the best 20🤩


Only 2 days left! 
Best 20 participants at the moment 🤩


Another way to look at results -- by medal count. Border is part 1 (doesn't count), background is part 2.

OK. The first time I followed to the end. 
The code I was forced to produce by time pressure is so ugly and dirty that I refuse to publish it.
Nevertheless a  clear demonstration for what was ISOS (aka COS) NOT designed for:
Higher mathematical calculus, matrix transformations, arrays with independent dimensions, ....
[ Though I have to admit that I encountered tensors, rotors, matrix transformations, Mr. Fermat's theories, ... only at university 50+ years ago. And I didn't miss it in between angel]

There was no demand for the real strengths of IRIS!
In addition, I verified my personal credo that writing some code in ISOS/COS
only because it is possible makes no sense and is of no commercial value.
Especially with the broad range of options in  IRIS to include external code.