Hi, folks!

I'm sending emails with %Net.MailMessage.

How can I add a new line for the email body?

The code is:

dim msg as %Net.MailMessage = ##class(%Net.MailMessage).%New()
set msg.Charset="UTF-8"
do msg.TextData.Write("Dear  "_Username)
do msg.TextData.Write("Line1")
do msg.TextData.Write("Line2")
And I'm getting in email:
Dear UserLine1Line2

How can I get:

Dear User


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Is there a straightforward workflow in VS Code for moving a class from one namespace to another on the same server? With Caché/IRIS Studio, it was a (sort of) simple export/change namespace in file menu/import operation. But in VS Code it's not obvious (to me, at least).

I can add multiple namespaces to a workspace, but when using isfs:// paths I see only a "Download" option and no "Upload" or "Import/Compile." When I'm navigating the local file tree, I see Import options, but no way to select the namespace into which I want to import.

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I have received 2 errors while publishing Patient data to repository. Message viewer displays like below and the Application log found bold content.

Could you please help me on this to resolve the errors.

An error occurred with the web application.
It has been logged to system error log (System Operation>System Logs>Application Error Log).

"<METHOD DOES NOT EXIST>OnPage+42^EnsPortal.MessageContents.1 *%Id,HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.Request : CSP Error"

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Hi, I am trying to transform a message to meet a third party specification, and would like to know if you can advice me on how to separate a single OBX segment into several segments based on a '.'

I would like to separate the segment where the . [marked in red] is into another OBX segment. So the next segment would be:

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· Dec 19, 2019
%New error handling


On a persistent class, I have defined an %OnNew method that validate some properties with appropriate status code for each kind of error.
Question is: how do you catch the specific error when %New is called on this class?

Surrounding %New method with a try-catch not seems to work.


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Hi Developers!

A question to those who use VSCode to code InterSystems ObjectScript.

Suppose you have the ObjectScript code on IRIS server and you want to export it into the desired folder.

And you have VSCode connected to the server.

What is the way to tell VSCode that I want to export classes into some particular folder in /package/class.cls way?

E.g. into:


and project_folder is opened in VSCode as the folder of the project.

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· Apr 12, 2019
Timing of Database look up

We use a lot of external MS SQL calls to look up numerous things when it comes to HL7. I am running into an issue where the outbound calls are queued but the message is sent onto the next process before it gets a response. How do I get it to wait till the response gets back from the MS SQL call before sending it onto the next process?

Below is a screen shot of what I am trying to explain...Select Research Study executes at 8:33 the message is sent to the next process at 8:34, but the response of the MSSQL call doesn't come till 9:31.

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· Jun 13, 2019
When is a number not a number?

Noticed some unexpected behavior when using $ZTH

Resultant values less than 1 are treated as strings and values >=1 are numbers. Causing heartburn in $Query / $Next / $Order loops. Is there a setting somewhere that can change this?


// Parse the time out of a text string whose format is YYYYMMDDHHMMSSsssssssss (lower case s = fractional parts)

Set MsgDT = "20180405000000001005933"
Set MsgDTH = $ZTH(($E(MsgDT,9,10)_":"_$E(MsgDT,11,12)_":"_$E(MsgDT,13,14)_"."_$E(MsgDT,15,23)),1)

//Do it again, but add a sec to the time string

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I wrote a function awhile back to take Encoded Base 64 and write the PDF out to a file that could be sent to a faxing system to fax out. We are trying to test this code out in IRIS and I am seeing an error that I have not seen before... ERROR #5034: Invalid status code structure

Here is the code...

ClassMethod DecodeBase64HL7ToFile(base64 As %Stream.GlobalBinary, Ancillary As %String, FileName As %String) As %String


set ArchDir = "/ensemble/data/transfer/AncillaryPDF/"

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We don't often use SQL within our org, which is mostly due to the performance issue we experience due to the quantity of data we are reviewing.

Aside from the standard performance measures for non-Caché databases, are there any recommended approaches when querying large tables?

The table would have roughly 50M records, but there are not a finite amount of sub-nodes.

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Good day,

I need to find out if it is possible somehow to receive actual linux TIMESTAMP for example with $NOW() or other functions.
I was trying to recalculate it with $NOW() function, but without success. I would like to simulate Redis TIME command in COS.

My tryings:

USER > set time = $NOW()

USER > w (($PIECE(time,",",1)*86399) + $PIECE(time,",",2))

But in Redis it is:

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I have SQLCompute with SQLComputeCode on a couple of Properties in my class.

These work fin when I insert/update via ObjectScript or SQL from the ManagementPortal.

However, if I insert (create new record) via my C# app using the Caché ODBC DLL the SQLCompute is ignored, it does not run.

Is this expected InterSystems Caché behaviour? We are on latest IRIS platform.

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