Mohana priya · Dec 30, 2019

Server Application Error - 6227

Hi All,

    I am getting server application error in salesforce outbound message after upgrading the HealthShare  (from version 2015.1.0 to 2015.1.4). Please guide me to resolve this error.

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Have you tried rebooting the machine running healthshare?

Did you complete any post upgrade tasks like recompiling custom classes?

Hi Julian Matthews,

    I was recompiled each namespace by using this  command (Set StatusCode = $SYSTEM.OBJ.CompileAllNamespaces("ck")). I need to do anything else after upgrading the HS.

All the documentation I have read advises against recompiling like that:

"You could also use the $SYSTEM.OBJ.CompileAllNamespaces() method to recompile all namespaces, but you should not do this when upgrading a HealthShare installation. You should not recompile a namespace used for HealthShare."

Were any errors returned when you ran this?

It might be worth checking with WRC to see if there's anything they can advise on?

Hi Matthews ,

  I am getting this error when i am recompiling all namespaces #5373: Class 'NotificationService.tns.AccountNotification', used by 'NotificationService.Service.Notification.notifications:property:Notification', does not exist


Import AccountWS.Service Include (%occInclude, %soap) /// This class is generated by the AccountWS.Service.Notification Web Service class.
/// This class should not be edited or modified in any way.
Class AccountWS.Service.Notification.notifications Extends %SOAP.MsgDescriptor
{ Parameter NAMESPACE = "";

Parameter SOAPBINDINGSTYLE = "document";

Parameter SOAPBODYUSE = "literal";


Parameter TYPENAMESPACE = "";

Parameter XMLDEFAULTREFERENCE = "complete";


Parameter XMLRESULTNAME = "%Result";

Property %Result As %Library.Boolean(XMLIO = "OUT", XMLNAME = "Ack") [ Required ];

Property OrganizationId As AccountWS.ent.ID(XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ];

Property ActionId As AccountWS.ent.ID(XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ]; Property SessionId As %Library.String(MAXLEN = "", XMLIO = "IN");

Property EnterpriseUrl As %Library.String(MAXLEN = "", XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ];

Property PartnerUrl As %Library.String(MAXLEN = "", XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ];

Property Notification As list Of AccountWS.tns.AccountNotification(XMLIO = "IN", XMLNAME = "Notification", XMLPROJECTION = "element") [ Required ];


Hi Eduard,

   Still I am getting the same error. I was changed authentication method (delegated to Unauthenticated) for Inbound web services. There are 3 Inbound web services. After changing the authentication method 2 web services are working fine but i am getting Server Application Error for only one Inbound web service. It was working fine before upgrading the HS. Anything I need to change in web Application. I don't know the root cause . Guide me why i am getting this server Application error after upgrading HS?

As Eduard said above, I would manually compile the classes in this order and restart the Web Service Object in Production (if added to one).


Also, I would not suggest you to change the Authentication to Unauthenticated. This will allow anyone who has access to the Web Service URL to invoke the WebService.