· Dec 30, 2019

Server Application Error - 6227

Hi All,

    I am getting server application error in salesforce outbound message after upgrading the HealthShare  (from version 2015.1.0 to 2015.1.4). Please guide me to resolve this error.

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All the documentation I have read advises against recompiling like that:

"You could also use the $SYSTEM.OBJ.CompileAllNamespaces() method to recompile all namespaces, but you should not do this when upgrading a HealthShare installation. You should not recompile a namespace used for HealthShare."

Were any errors returned when you ran this?

It might be worth checking with WRC to see if there's anything they can advise on?


Import AccountWS.Service Include (%occInclude, %soap) /// This class is generated by the AccountWS.Service.Notification Web Service class.
/// This class should not be edited or modified in any way.
Class AccountWS.Service.Notification.notifications Extends %SOAP.MsgDescriptor
{ Parameter NAMESPACE = "";

Parameter SOAPBINDINGSTYLE = "document";

Parameter SOAPBODYUSE = "literal";


Parameter TYPENAMESPACE = "";

Parameter XMLDEFAULTREFERENCE = "complete";


Parameter XMLRESULTNAME = "%Result";

Property %Result As %Library.Boolean(XMLIO = "OUT", XMLNAME = "Ack") [ Required ];

Property OrganizationId As AccountWS.ent.ID(XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ];

Property ActionId As AccountWS.ent.ID(XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ]; Property SessionId As %Library.String(MAXLEN = "", XMLIO = "IN");

Property EnterpriseUrl As %Library.String(MAXLEN = "", XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ];

Property PartnerUrl As %Library.String(MAXLEN = "", XMLIO = "IN") [ Required ];

Property Notification As list Of AccountWS.tns.AccountNotification(XMLIO = "IN", XMLNAME = "Notification", XMLPROJECTION = "element") [ Required ];


Hi Eduard,

   Still I am getting the same error. I was changed authentication method (delegated to Unauthenticated) for Inbound web services. There are 3 Inbound web services. After changing the authentication method 2 web services are working fine but i am getting Server Application Error for only one Inbound web service. It was working fine before upgrading the HS. Anything I need to change in web Application. I don't know the root cause . Guide me why i am getting this server Application error after upgrading HS?

As Eduard said above, I would manually compile the classes in this order and restart the Web Service Object in Production (if added to one).


Also, I would not suggest you to change the Authentication to Unauthenticated. This will allow anyone who has access to the Web Service URL to invoke the WebService.