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A FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Architect Interoperability SME (Subject Matter Expert) with an extensive knowledge and expertise in HL7/FHIR, healthcare interoperability, and healthcare data management Designing FHIR-based healthcare interoperability solutions: As a FHIR Architect Interoperability SME, I am responsible for designing and developing FHIR-based solutions that enable the exchange of healthcare data across different systems and platforms. Work closely with other IT professionals, including software developers, to implement FHIR-based solutions within healthcare organizations. This may involve integrating existing systems with FHIR-based technologies, developing new systems from scratch, or customizing existing FHIR-based solutions Provide technical guidance and support to healthcare organizations, IT professionals, and other stakeholders involved in healthcare interoperability initiatives. This may include providing training on FHIR-based technologies, answering technical questions, and providing recommendations on the best practices for implementing FHIR-based solutions. Hard Skills:
InterSystems, Health Connect, IRIS For Health, Google Cloud Platform
HL7, FHIR, API, JSON, SQL, ObjectScript, Business Process Language
Interface Explorer, Notepad++, MS Office, Google Workspace Soft Skills:
Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Critical thinking, Decision-making, Leadership, Creativity

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Charlotte, NC
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