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Hi Stefan,

a really good improvement for working with JSON import and export. We use this especially in connection with REST services. Many, many thanks


Finally our experiences with $ZF(-2): It works perfect, also in our case (status information was "0" for a successful created child process). Our application works also well. The only lack was the configuration of the ODBC DSN which was set to USER correct but the SYSTEM DSN was missing. Therefore the results of the application run were not stored to Caché. Thanks again to all contributions. - Lutz.

Thanks very much Eduard, using $ZF(-1) or $ZF(-2) works well from the terminal  but it does not work  from a csp-page although we set the %System_CallOut ressource.

s x = $ZF(-2,"program.exe")

returns "0", but program.exe does nothing. Seems to be a problem of the OS ( we use Windwos server)? What do you think any idea?


Best thanks for an hint.- Lutz.

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