Good day,

We recently had penetration testing conducted on our HealthShare clinical viewer and patient Index instances and below is the recommendation

1. Set a same-site cookie for identified CSPWSERVERID. Please advise where I can do this as I only saw this on web gateway settings and it has enable and disable options only.

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· Mar 2, 2017
TLS Cipher Suite selection

Our client is a test out of 2016.1 (Build 656U) Healthshare that wants to do a one way SSL connection to our Java 1.7/Tomcat 8.0 server. We have yet to come up with a secure cipher set that Healthshare and Java agree on for the handshake. So far we've had to use these ciphers identified which are not recommended (though it does do a handshake properly).

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I have a HL7 schema listed within Healthshare that is marked as 'Standard' however this doesn't appear to not a standard schema and more of a custom one created (there are very specific Z segments within it) that has somehow been marked as a standard. Is there a way to change it from a Standard to Custom? I realise that this cannot be completed within Healthshare but is there a way to change this within Studio?


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Hello guys,

I'm working on a Healthshare project . I am using a patient message Flow for Inbound SDA Data in an Edge Gateway.

The patients are created , i manage to found them on the Patient search screen. However , when i request clinical data display on the clinical viewer, i do find the patient but no clinical data is visible on the clinical viewer, eventhough the SDA object exists on HS.Registry.Patient table .

So i checked the data flow , and i found that there is an error when the Edge Gateway Receives a Clinical Data Request :

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Hi I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing a trick here.

Basically our PAS doesn't do hl7 messages but does some XML which you can create. So I'm just trying to create some xml files and then get healthshare/ensemble to parse them and to process accordingly.

I'm getting some good results doing this. But maybe I've got a small hitch. In each of my xml files I've the data for the patient/client.

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HealShare 2017

Hi dev community,

I am currently working on an interface that needs to communicate to a SOAP/ITK endpoint.

I am using the EnsLib.ITK.AdapterKit.Operation.SOAPOperation to interface with an ITK
service, but it is proving to be more complex than originally expected to set up the web client
against that particular end-point since I haven't been provided with a WSDL from ITK service side as
the vendor state they are following the ITK standard and no WSDLs are needed.

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I'm able to log into my local instance of HealthShare through the Management Portal, but once I've done so, the screen is entirely blank. I'm still able to access Terminal and Studio without any issue, as well as a hosted instance's Management Portal. I've tried stopping and starting HealthShare, no luck. I've been working on this instance for the past several months and haven't experienced anything like this, and I don't know of anything that I was doing that would have broken the Management Portal. Anyone have a suggestion as to where to go from here?

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· Mar 9, 2019
%SYS.TasK Related query

Hi Community,

I have to make a daily task (Job) which will run (7 am to 7 pm) in a day at an interval of 3 hours. Timings are as (7:00 am, 10:00 am,13:00 pm,16:00 pm,19:00 pm). But at each time when task will run i have to set a variables as per below condition


1) If task run at 2019-03-19 07:00 am in morning

I have to set two variables (start and end) whose value will become like this

(set starttime= 2019-03-09 07:00:00.00 and set endtime=2019-03-09 10:00:00.00)

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When creating an outbound X12 file (834, 835, 837, etc), what's the easiest way to keep a segment count to use in the SE01 element? Other mapping tools I've used either detect it's an X12 file and do this automatically, or there's an option to keep a count after each outputted segment. The Data Transformation tool within Health Connect doesn't seem to have similar functionality, but I could just be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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· Aug 29, 2019
Create multiple dependent Tasks

Is it possible to create a task that will initiate a Business Service that is dependent on the completion of a separate EDI data process?

I have a complex data flow with multiple EDI processes where one process must run and produce one or more files that get deposited in the source folder for the next EDI process. The entire process is currently set up where 2 of the EDI processes execute at a specific time. The problem with that is when a network or server interruption occurs at the time they are supposed to start, it causes a complete failure of the entire process.

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I currently have a batch job that performs many functions. Two of them are below. I was wondering how this can be done in a custom class

#Gzip files
find $TEMPDIR -type f ! -iname '*gz' -exec gzip '{}' \;

Thank you

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Im exporting our xml project from a QA server that has NOT upgraded to a production server that has been upgraded to HealthShare.

We are importing the exported xml over to this production server that is on HealthShare.

Now I havent been able to find the document link today, but I remember reading HealthShare puts all of the imports under a csp/healthshare/ directory.

We are able to view our .csp pages after importing them as xml into Studio on the production server running on HealthShare

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What is the best way to create an HL7 message from JSON input file?

We have JSON file available with data required for building the HL7 message . I am trying to use a standard file/FTP Business service to pick up the file and convert the input %FileCharacterStream into a dynamic Object and use the stand JSON features to read /process the data and build the HL7 message.

Is there any other better way to do this? or any standard built-in functionality available in HealthShare?

Thanks you for your help


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We receive a JSON message containing an element which is larger than the system long string size. We are using Ensemble HealthShare v2017 which prevents us from using the %GET method as it doesn’t allow us to define the output as a Stream. We are instead trying to the read the contents of the JSON message using Readline function, and store the value into an instance of the %Stream.GlobalCharachter class, and then read from the instance of that class and write the contents of that element into a HL7 Message.

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I've experienced this problem several times recently. I go to a production in my development instance and click on the (+) to add a new service. A pop-up appears with the message "An error occurred with the CSP application and has been logged to system error log (^ERRORand nothing else. Examining ^ERRORS is of no help. There's a lot of gibberish there that isn't informative in the least.

I can add processes and operations just fine.

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Hi All,

When I log into Backup mirror member it becomes too slow to load and navigate, I tried to check message log and I saw the error message about Database mirror latency and database disk issue which when I check it looks fine to me. Please have a look at the below screenshots and advise what the issue could be.

When I run df -h through SSH :

200G is the volume size, 194G is used space, 6.5G is available space and 97% IS %Use

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