Flávio Lúcio Na... · Sep 22, 2022

Problems selecting language when installing HealthShare

Hello guys,

I'm trying to install HealthShare on a virtual machine. The original language of this virtual machine was Russian, unfortunately I don't speak Russian hehehehe.
So I changed the original language to English, but when I installed HealthShare the portal was in English, but the terminal was in Russian and during installation it doesn't show me any option to select the language.

1. Language configurated in the virtual machine.

2. Terminal with russian text.

I tried to convert the system to English, and this worked for the terminal. But it showed me some messages saying that my namespaces now have a problem with Collation Cyrillic1.

3. Locale definitions

If possible I want to change the Collation configuration for this namespaces, or define english the language install. Someone can help me?

Best Regards,

Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
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Hi Flavio - I ran into this some time ago. The language setting you need to change is not the display language, but the language for non-unicode programs you can acces via Control Panel > Clock and Region > Region > Administrative.