· Nov 9, 2016

How can I send a test message into my Healthshare instance? 

I have an amazing tool called 7edit for editing and sending HL7 v2 messages.  I've searched hours for a similar tool for HL7v3 without luck.  They're all web based, crappy, broken links, etc.

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Hi Scott,

One way would be to use an Ensemble production in a separate namespace to take your example HL7v3 messages and send them into the required service of your HealthShare production. See the Ensemble HL7 Version 3 Development Guide, which provides an introduction to Ensemble HL7v3 capabilities in Chapter 1 with an example production described in Chapter 2. You can copy the example production from the ENSDEMO database and run it with the example messages that are provided in Chapter 3.

Hope that helps.

Jan Jachnik