Thank you Marc for your prompt response.

The only thing that led me to the Custom Pairs trail is this code in HS.Gateway.HL7.HL7ToSDA3:

#; TXA-2 : DocumentType
    #; For "DS", default Description to "DischargeSummary" (JLD190)
    if $$$TXADocumentType = "DS" {
        do ..write(cr_"<DocumentType>")
        do ..write(cr_"<Code>DS</Code>")
        do ..write(cr_"<Description>DischargeSummary</Description>")
        do ..write(cr_"</DocumentType>")
    elseif $$$TXADocumentType'="" {
        do ..write(cr_"<DocumentType>")
        do ..write(cr_"<Code>"_$$$TXADocumentType_"</Code>")
        do ..write(cr_"</DocumentType>")

However, since that class had already been extended, I can add 

 do ..write(cr_"<Description>"_$$$TXADocumentDescription_"</Description>")

and it will get stored in the SDA.

The one exception might be Discharge Summaries since the Clinical Viewer seems to expect "DS" in the DocumentType.Code property. Unless there is a way to modify that behavior, I may have to use CustomPairs just for that case and then alter the SDA3 to FHIR transform when it is time to store in a FHIR Resourse

Hi Virat,

From what I understand, this is very similar to Static Methods and Instance Methods in Java. Instance methods are the behaviors on a particular object... you can run them only after you create the object with .New(). Class methods, on the other hand, are available without having to create an object first. 

There is probably a more formal answer out there, but I typically use Class Methods when I write a Utility class with lots of methods that do specific tasks and that may need to be available from several entry points to the application. On the other hand, when I design Objects with Properties and Methods, the methods are typically Instance methods.

Sorry I am not able to follow that link...if you cannot attach files to this site please email me to Please zip it so that the mail server does not complain...

I may need more time to figure out the exact issue but I am now convinced it is a Web Service connectivity problem.

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