· Sep 6, 2016

FHIR and OAuth Documentation

Is this available anywhere (for Health Connect)? I've found a few presentations but they are aimed at entry level.

We're looking at supporting more and more FHIR, REST plus OAuth interfaces in future. I've built some of this into older versions of HealthShare and Ensemble but it's desirable to move to supported versions. 

We would be using Healthshare as a facade to other systems.

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The HealthShare Core 15.01 kit (built on Ensemble 2016.1.1) has some documentation with basic information about FHIR, but OAuth 2.0 is not fully released in Cache/Ensemble 2016.1, so there is currently no released documentation on the subject.  

OAuth 2.0 is said to be released for HealthShare Kits built on Ensemble 2016.2 once 2016.2 is released.  

There might be some OAuth 2 documentation in the Ensemble 2016.2 Field Test (available as a Developer Download ) but I haven't checked.

We have a few online learning resources that may also be of interest to you: