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Thank you @Alister Pino and @Julius Kavay for your help.

In this scenario see the final solution below:

ClassMethod MergeDynamicObjects(ObjComplete As %Library.DynamicObject, ObjAddendum As %Library.DynamicObject) [ Final ]
  Set obj1 = ObjComplete.%Get("OptOuts")
  Set obj2 = ObjAddendum.%Get("OptOuts")     
  Set OptOuts2Iter = obj2.%GetIterator()
  While OptOuts2Iter.%GetNext(.key , .value ) {
    Do obj1.%Push(value)
  return ObjComplete

Hi @Stefan Wittmann,

I was just curious about this functionality. For a project I need to convert ORU~R01 to MDM~T02 messages. 

For now it's fine to write the DTL by myself (small messages). I would be happy to see this functionality in a further release. It can indeed be very useful with migration projects.

Hi all,

I was wondering in which version I can find the DTL Generator, or is it still in development?

In version ' IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2020.1.1 (Build 408U) Sun Mar 21 2021 22:04:53 EDT' I cannot find it.

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