Sebastian Thiele · Apr 21, 2021

EnsLib.Workflow.TaskRequest with complex object


we have a EnsLib.Workflow.TaskRequest wich is been send to an operation. The Task request contains a simple object, for that we´ve extendd EnsLib.Workflow.TaskRequest and added the object as an aditional property. The request is successfully created. But how to access the contents of this object from within the user portal when showing the task.

Our TaskRequest contains an object named Patient with some properties. We´d like to display the contents in the tasks description area. WE´ve created an additional template but have a hard time to access the values of the patient object. Is there any special variable to use here?

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It's hard to answer your question without more details about your class definition, but in general, you'd create an instance of your class, then just use the typical dot-separated syntax. So if your instance was called "MyTask" you should be able to use MyTask.Patient.FirstName to refer to the FirstName property of your patient.