Hey Developers,

We love Global Masters program for dynamic, fun and networking. We love that we can get to know you better and provide you with some valuable things.

We are excited to have more members in Global Masters, and we'd like to ask your help on that:

❔ Do you know other developers who work with InterSystems technology and would love Global Masters?

Here's the dedicated GM Referral page where you can leave your colleague or co-worker contact details, or get your unique referral link - to send it yourself 😊

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Hi Developers!

Let's take a wild ride through the futuristic cities of tomorrow, and the technological advancements they boast! 📡

We invite you to have a journey to the Future City where you can dream of the future, check your knowledge about our Developer Community, and also imagine what the InterSystems Technology will be like.

So get your devices ready—gear up that self-driving car 🚀, 3D-print some food 🍿, and collect some bonus points! 💰

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Hi Developers,

We've launched a new educational channel on Global Masters - GM Academy!

It contains selected educational materials from InterSystems online learning portal.

Currently, there are 2 courses for beginners: Caché learning path and InterSystems IRIS learning path.

But depending on what'd like to learn we'll be adding more and more content. So - what you'd like to learn?

Tell us in this intro challenge!

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Save the date! March 16th, 9 am EST | 2 pm CET we will host the first Thursday Tea with Global Masters!

This is a 60-min fun & networking event, as well as a short update and Q&A about the Global Masters program.

>> Please prepare a short 1-2 min presentation about yourself for this event - even better with some pictures 📷 we will also make 5-min breakout rooms to discuss your favorite hobby.

RSVP in this challenge on Global Masters.

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Hi Developers,

A new exciting challenge introduced for Global Masters members of "Advocate" level and above: we invite you to record a 30-60 sec video with an answer to our question:

➥ What is the value of InterSystems IRIS to you?

🎁 Reward of your choice for doing the interview: $50 Gift Card (VISA/Amazon) or 12,000 points!

Follow this direct link to the challenge for more information. Please note that the link will work for GM members of "Advocate" level and above. More about GM levels you can read here.

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Hi Developers,

It's time to announce the Winners for July 2021! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in July 2021:

🥇 @Muhammad Waseem, HIS Team Lead, International Medical Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

🥈 @Robert Cemper, ex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria

🥉 @Eduard Lebedyuk, Sales Engineer, InterSystems Corporation, Moscow, Russia

Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

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Hi Community!

New Badges're already on Global Masters Advocacy Hub!

We're happy to announce that this year we again introduced three annual badges on Global Masters Advocacy Hub to let you remember how much you contributed to Developer Community in 2018. Here they are:

DC Best-Selling Author 2018
DC Expert 2018
DC Opinion Leader 2018

Let's take a closer look at the DC Wall of Fame 2018 and greet everyone with big applause!

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Hi Developers!

Recently we announced two new challenges on Global Masters: 'Bugs Bounty' and 'Pull Requests'.

And we are getting a lot of submits to the challenges which are not the thing we are expecting there. So I hope this post will give some shine to this quest.

'Bugs Bounty'

Ok! What are we expecting from 'Bugs bounty'?

There are a lot of Open Exchange solutions that come with public open-source repositories on Github: project and repo, another project and the repo, another one and its repo, and many more on Open Exchange.

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Hi Developers!

We double up the number of points awarded for each post and translation on Developer Community. Starting from 03/18/21 you get for each article or question:

✅ 200 points on DC EN
✅ 400 points* on DC ES / PT / CN / JP

✅ 100 points for each translation!

Also, do you remember that you get a bunch of points for a pack of articles/comments? Please check here:

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Hi Community,

We are pleased to introduce a new reward on Global Masters:

Coursera subscription for 1 year / 6 months:

✅ Access 7,000+ courses and Specializations from 170+ leading companies and universities

✅ Earn unlimited certificates

✅ Learn job-relevant skills and tools with 2,000+ guided projects and hands-on labs from industry experts

✅ Choose from more than 15 Professional Certificate programs from industry leaders like Google, Facebook, and more

The reward is available for redemption for all GM advocates.
If you want to redeem an access to Coursera for another period of time, e.g. 1 or 3 month - just let us know!

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Hi Community,

You may know that you get rewarded with points on Global Masters for each your application published on Open Exchange. Recently we introduced bonus points for ZPM applications. So now, you get extra 400 points for each ZPM application! Points are automatically adjusted.
Check out points & available rewards on Global Masters - and see you there today!

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Hey Community,

"Wonders of the World" journey on Global Masters is over - thank all for participating! Now it's time to announce the Raffle Winner!

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to @Goran Trbojević - the winner of the Nike Backpack! 🎉🎉🎉

His entry was randomly selected among 16 participants who completed ALL the challenges in the "Wonders of the World" campaign.

And one of the challenges was to 📸 upload a selfie with one or two words that you associate with InterSystems.
Just look at these exciting photos!

Your words for us are SO inspiring!
Thank you all who gave us your permission to share your photo on DC and social media:

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It's time to announce the Winners for May 2022! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in May 2022:

🥇 @Robert Cemper, ex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria

🥈 @José Pereira, Business Intelligence Analyst at Shift Consultoria e Sistemas LTDA, Brazil

🥉 @Heloisa Ramalho, Software Developer in the Application Services, InterSystems, USA

🥉 @Guilherme Mendes, Developer, BPlus Tecnologia, Brazil

Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

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Hi Everyone,
Do you know that April 22 was the Earth Day?
Join us in celebrating Earth Day on Global Masters - by learning about our efforts for sustainability and how you can drive change on a personal level.
There you will not only learn about ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also have the opportunity to get some extra points for it. The campaign is live till April 30
It's also a good time to check the reward catalog - we added a couple of new prizes for several regions. Hope you will enjoy them!

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Hi Everyone!

During the HackMIT 2021, we have been running an online game for undergraduate students called "Treasure Hunt". Thanks to all who took part in the game!

The Treasure Hunt prizes were raffled today at 10 am ETS on Zoom (see the recording here). Please meet the Raffle Winners!

🎁 JBL Quantum 300 Gaming Headset goes to A. Kuro Andengattil 🎉

🎁 Apple AirPods Pro goes to Pulkit Girdhar 🎉

🎁 Amazon Echo Dot goes to Joshua Qin 🎉

🎁 Nike Utility Speed Backpack goes to Chua Hua Lun 🎉

🎁 Amazon Kindle 8G Paperwhite goes Samrat Mukherjee 🎉

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· Oct 6, 2017
October 2017 DC Release

Hi, Community!

It's October and we have new DC release here. What's new?

1. InterSystems Single Sign-On for Global Masters

As you maybe heard about InterSystems Global Masters (GM) program. With this release, we introduced InterSystems SSO support for GM. So now everyone who has active WRC account can join GlobalMasters and no special invitation needed. You are welcome!
How it works:

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Hi Community, you asked and here they are - badges for translations on Global Masters!

Badge's Name


DC Translator

Given for 1 translation

2nd Advocate level

Counted translations from English to all other language versions of Developer Community.

  • Positive rating (votes up) or zero votes
  • Posts from the Developer Community Feedback group are not counted.
  • Please note, there are 3-days delay between published translation and awarded badge.

Advanced Translator

Given for 5 translations

3rd Specialist level

Bronze Translator

Given for 15 translations

4th Expert level

Silver Translator

Given for 25 translations

5th Ambassador level

Gold Translator

Given for 50 translations

6th VIP level

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It's time to announce the Winners for September 2021! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in September 2021:

🥇 @Robert Cemper, ex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria

🥈 @Muhammad Waseem, HIS Team Lead, International Medical Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

🥉@Lorenzo Scalese, Solution Architect, Zorgi, Belgium

Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

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