· Aug 24, 2022

InterSystems Developers at Global Summit 2022: Developer Ecosystem Session

Hi Community,

We're super excited to share with you a special session from Global Summit 2022! And it is so special to us because it is about us and with us! Please welcome:

🤩 InterSystems Developer Ecosystem @ Global Summit 2022 🤩
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In this session, you will learn the latest news and features of InterSystems' powerful Developer Community portal, Open Exchange application gallery, and Global Masters gamification Hub.

🗣  @Dean Andrews, Head of Developer Relations, InterSystems
🗣  @Evgeny Shvarov, Startups and Community Manager, InterSystems

Special thanks to our DC members who were part of this session:

⭐️ @Irène Mykhailova AKA @Iryna MykhailovaModerator of FR DC
⭐️ @José Pereira, Moderator of PT DC
⭐️ @Muhammad Waseem, Active Contributor of Dev Community
⭐️ @Dmitry MaslennikovModerator of EN DC
⭐️ @Scott Roth, Moderator of EN DC
⭐️ @Jeffrey DrummModerator of EN DC
⭐️ @John MurrayModerator of EN DC

Our big applause to all these amazing speakers! 
In the photo above, you can see them all and more (from left to right): @Djeniffer Greffin@Evgeny Shvarov@Scott Roth@Dmitry Maslennikov, @Dean Andrews@Muhammad Waseem, @Jeffrey Drumm@Irène Mykhailova, @John Murray, and @José Pereira.

Hope you enjoy our session!

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments to this post 😉

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