· Nov 8, 2019

Pull Requests and Bugs Bounty Challenges for Open Exchange Applications

Hi Community, 

We have launched new challenges and badges on Global Masters: now you can submit bugs or pull requests for Open Exchange Applications and get points!


Bugs Bounty Challenge:

✅ Get 500 points for the bug report.

✅ Get 2,500 points more if the bug is fixed.

How to submit a bug for OEX application: the majority of projects have a repository on the GitHub with the "Issues" section. Put your issue there with the steps to reproduce a bug.

Where to get points for a bug? Send link to the bug in this challenge.

Pull Requests Challenge:

✅ Get 500 points for a submitted pull request.

✅ Get 500 points more if your pull request is merged into the repository.

How to submit a pull request for OEX application: the majority of projects have a repository on the GitHub with the "Pull Request" section. Create a new pull request to propose and collaborate on changes to a repository. 

Where to get points for a pull request? Send link to your PR in this challenge.

Badges for Pull Requests: 

Submit pull requests and earn new badges! 


Pull Request Contributor  - 1 pull request - 🔥exclusive opportunity to advance to the Advocate level🔥
even if this would be the only badge you have from Advocate's level!


Advanced Pull Request Contributor - 10 pull requests, badge of the Specialist level.


Bronze Pull Request Contributor - 25 pull requests,  badge of the Expert level.


Silver PR Contributor - 50 pull requests, badge of the VIP level.


Gold PR Contributor - 100 pull requests,  badge of the VIP level.


Hope these challenges will be useful for all!  yes 

And if you have not joined InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub yet, let's get started right now!  

Additional information about Global Masters:

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