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A multidimensional property is an array.  You should use the "Merge" command to set it, instead of the "Set" command, like in Eduard's example.

I meant a custom utility function, not a custom process.  It would be a class derived from Ens.Rule.FunctionSet.

An Ensemble rule expression must be constructed using + - * / Max Min etc.  That does not include the ability to use a generic ObjectScript expression.

You can add your own custom function, and inside it, you can use any ObjectScript expression that does what you want.  If you define a parameter in a class, you could make it a COSEXPRESSION; this parameter might be used by your custom function to obtain the value at run time and return it to your rule.

An alternative is to set a property in your BPL context object and simply use it in the rule. 

Have you browsed the sample rules provided in ENSDEMO?  There are some interesting examples of what you can do.


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