· Oct 6, 2017

October 2017 DC Release

Hi, Community!

It's October and we have new DC release here. What's new?

1. InterSystems Single Sign-On for Global Masters

As you maybe heard about InterSystems Global Masters (GM) program. With this release, we introduced InterSystems SSO support for GM. So now everyone who has active WRC account can join GlobalMasters and no special invitation needed. You are welcome! 
How it works:

You can use your previous credentials as well. And you can get the invite also - just comment here or in this post.

2. Badges

If you like to have badges for your contributions and activities in Developer Community and around we invite you to join InterSystems Global Masters. Now you can see your the GM Badges in the Badges section of your Member's page.

E.g. here is @Daniel Kutac badges:

What every badge means you can find in this article by GM Manager [@Olga Zavrazhnova].

3. Email notifications for question authors 

We introduced email notifications which would inform question author that there are new answers if the question is not solved yet. The notification would come only once when a new answer would come and would not be accepted during next week.

4. Few small changes and bugfixes

We moved "Related articles" below comments.

Also fixed few issues and made the Community a little better.

5. New tags

New tags introduced: InterSystems IRIS, Meetup. Suggest new tags in DC Feedback Group.

Stay tuned for the next release and introduce your issues here in comments or and enhancement requests and other issues in the DC Feedback group!

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