· Sep 13, 2021

Meet the Raffle Winner and the Community Selfie Collage!

Hey Community,

"Wonders of the World" journey on Global Masters is over - thank all for participating! Now it's time to announce the Raffle Winner!

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to @Goran Trbojević - the winner of the Nike Backpack! 🎉🎉🎉

His entry was randomly selected among 16 participants who completed ALL the challenges in the "Wonders of the World" campaign. 

And one of the challenges was to 📸 upload a selfie with one or two words that you associate with InterSystems. 
Just look at these exciting photos!

Your words for us are SO inspiring!
Thank you all who gave us your permission to share your photo on DC and social media:


We were SO excited to see the selfies so we don't want this challenge to end! If you want to add your selfie to our InterSystems collage  - post it in the comments. We'll update the collage and award some extra points to you on Global Masters :)  

P.S. if you are not a member of the Global Masters advocate hub yet - join now using your InterSystems WRC credentials.

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