Hi Community,

We invite you to take part in the Health Data De-Identifier Early Access Program. Sign up, tell us your feedback and grab some nice points: 2000 to all participants, 5000 extra for completing the survey.

If you are interested:

1️⃣ Join EAP group via this challenge

2️⃣ Follow these instructions

3️⃣ Complete the survey (leave your email so we could award the points on Global Masters; please note: you must be EAP participant in order to proceed with survey completion)

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InterSystems Official
· May 1
Early Access Programs (EAPs)

InterSystems is putting more emphasis on promoting our Early Access Program (EAP), in which users volunteer to work with new software before it becomes generally available. In fact, we will once again be promoting the program at Global Summit.

The software could be a full InterSystems IRIS release, but is usually focused on a new capability about which we want to collect feedback. The terms and requirements for joining an Early Access Program vary with the the software being evaluated.

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InterSystems Official
· Dec 16, 2022 1m read
How do I apply for the NoPWS Early Access Program (EAP)?

Early Access Program (EAP) is a way to to deliver specific features early to a group of people who will test and provide feedback on that feature.

One of those EAPs is about the the discontinuation of the Apache web server installation (a.k.a. NoPWS) from IRIS product installers. If you're interested in this topic and want to test it, the way to register is to send an email to nopws@intersystems.com. Use this same email for any other feedback.

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