· Nov 4, 2016

What are the Roles needed with HealthShare to get access to DeepSee functionality?

Hi -

How do the various components of DeepSee (Architect, Analyzer, User Portal) map to the "Out of the Box" user Roles associated with HealthShare?

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Hi Chip,

The HealthShare documentation has a chapter called Roles and Resources that describes the relationships between the HealthShare roles and the DeepSee (and Caché) roles.

It is located in the following book:

[ Documentation ]  >  [ HealthShare Active Analytics ]  >  [ Health Insight Administration Guide ]  >  [ Roles and Resources ]


Here is the high level overview (more details are in your HS version specific documentation):

Health Insight is designed to be used by multiple users in different roles. There are four default security roles. The end user role is designed to support the functions a care provider or hospital administrator might need. The analyst role is designed to support data analysis. The modeler role is designed to support users who extend the Health Insight model. The operator role is designed to grant the access necessary for a high level technician responsible for facilitating the transmission of data to Health Insight.

I hope it helps,

Asaf Sinay
DeepSee Support Manager | InterSystems 
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