John Murray · Nov 8, 2016 1m read

Vote here - Should Portal's schema editors respect source control?

For those who don't have a chance to vote elsewhere today, or for those who want to vote more than once wink, here's a poll for Ensemble users.Do you use source control to manage your development and deployment process? If so, does it concern you that Portal's schema editors, for example the HL7 schema editor, do not respect the source control class of the namespace where they file updates to a schema? By contrast, editing a schema in Studio gives you the benefits and protection of whatever source control you have set up.

We at George James Software have a particular interest in this, given that many Ensemble sites use our Deltanji (formerly VC/m) source control product. For a number of years now we have been urging InterSystems to handle source control adequately in Portal, but the schema editors are still uncorrected in the 2017.1 Field Test. So if you would like to add your vote to getting this fixed please click the green "thumbs up" at the bottom of this post.

John Murray, Senior Product Engineer, George James Software

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I've been informed that development request #143868 has been raised about this. If you'd like to add your voice to those trying to get this sorted out please click the green "thumbs up" on my original post. Better still, lobby for it through your account manager or via WRC.

My, how the years pass by.  Latest update via WRC is this isn't going to get fixed in 2018.2, and no idea when/if it ever will be.

John - thank you for the update on this one.   The request# hadn't been on my radar but now it is and I am seeing what I can do to escalate internally (no promises though).