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Developer Community Recap, February 2024

Hello and welcome to the February 2024 Developer Community Recap.
General Stats
157 new posts published in February:
 38 new articles
 42 new announcements
 77 new questions
182 new members joined in February
12,869 posts published all time
11,335 members joined all time
Top posts
Top authors of the month
#InterSystems IRIS
How to enable Interoperability functionality in an existing namespace
By Hiroshi Sato
Get a result in JSON from an SQL query
By Sylvain Guilbaud
DB.Changelog: Keeping track of database changes using SQL Triggers and CodeMode = objectgenerator
By Theo Stolker
Coding practices - to brace or not to brace
By Robert Barbiaux
Feedback : Using embedded python daily for more than 2 years
By Guillaume Rongier
About the idea of Using Python Class Definition Syntax to create IRIS classes
By Heloisa Paiva
Sending WhatsApp messages from InterSystems IRIS production
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Splitting access by WebServer port
By Eduard Lebedyuk
Points to note when uninstalling InterSystems IRIS on Linux
By Hiroshi Sato
Using %Library.Prompt in IRIS for terminal interaction
By Elijah Tamarchenko
Continuous Delivery of your InterSystems solution using GitLab - Part XII: Dynamic Inactivity Timeouts
By Eduard Lebedyuk
VS Code Related Resources
By Tani Frankel
Data Tagging in IRIS Using Embedded Python and the OpenAI API
By Maxim Gorshkov
How to use $ZF(-100)
By Hiroshi Sato
FHIR json property order part II
By Theo Stolker
Dynamic SQL Best Practices (or "How to Avoid Both SQL Injection Vulnerabilities and Spaghetti Code")
By Timothy Leavitt
Reserving a License
By David Hockenbroch
Functional indices for lightning-fast queries on many-to-many relationship tables
By Timothy Leavitt
Points to note when uninstalling InterSystems products on Windows
By Mihoko Iijima
IRIS 2024.1 Preview - New Feature
By Dan Pasco
Using an Azure bot to access IRIS
By Mihoko Iijima
The bewitched line terminator
By Robert Cemper
Bridge AI/ML with your Adaptive Analytics solution
By Vladimir Prushkovskiy
Insights from unstructured data using SQL Text Search
By Veerarajan Karunanithi
Journaling Overview - Configuration, Operations, and Utilities
By Vic Sun
Testing Columnar Storage
By Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
How to register global mapping programmatically
By Hiroshi Sato
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Open Exchange
#InterSystems IRIS
[Video] OAuth 2.0 in Practice with InterSystems Products
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Seeking Exam Design Feedback for InterSystems IRIS Developer Specialist Exam
By Emily Geary
Cache/Ensemble/IRIS Developer seeking work
By Malcolm King
[Video] Can You Autoscale This? Lessons from the Field on Kubernetes
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Adaptive Analytics 2023.3 now available
By Carmen Logue
Developer preview #3 for InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2024.1
By Fabiano Sanches
Developer preview #4 for InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, & HealthShare Health Connect 2024.1
By Fabiano Sanches
[Video] How to Migrate a Mirror Configuration to Apache - Linux Unix
By Anastasia Dyubaylo
Reminder: Exam Design Feedback for InterSystems IRIS Developer Specialist Exam Closes March 8
By Emily Geary
#IRIS contest
#Developer Community Official
#Open Exchange
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
#Global Masters
#InterSystems Official
#Learning Portal
#InterSystems Ideas Portal
InterSystems Ideas News #11
By Vadim Aniskin
#InterSystems IRIS
OAuth Authentication for ODBC/JDBC?
By Tani Frankel
How to process parallelly a process from a business service?
By Kurro Lopez
Is there a simple way to check if a given class need to be recompiled ?
By Norman W. Freeman
IRIS file manipulation and long file paths on Windows
By Timothy Leavitt
How to check whether docker ports are busy before building the image?
By Evgeny Shvarov
Calling a class from another Namespace
By Pierre LaFay
"import and compile" does not appear in VSCode
By Alex Baumberg
Error debug from VS
By Kurro Lopez
Which OS-level services are needed to run IRIS?
By Jonathan Day
Deserialize class from JSon with nodes null
By Kurro Lopez
Comiling not possible. ERROR #16006
By Daniel Goerke
IRIS community edition for Oracle Linux 8.2+, 9.0, 9.2 for x86–64
By Robin Larroque
VS Code Debug issue Extent Info getting built into class code on server
By Sinon Galvin
Content Type change in IIS?
By Armin Gayl
How to get the Job id for a BS API Rest for debug?
By Kurro Lopez
DocDB 4.x will have a BLOB storage configuration?
By Kevin Kindschuh
Stopping IntegratedML Training / Long training time
By Fabio Care
Query Updates with Escape logic to the apostrophe (i.e. double-up the single quote character) causing maxlength error.
By James Casazza
Access to Azure Blob Storage
By Minoru Horita
How to open a dasboard url in browser in a automated cache batch job
By Virat Sharma
How can I transform a String, which is a numerical value, to an Integer?
By Emil Odobasic
How to invoke BusinessProcess from Extends (Ens.BusinessService, %CSP.REST) class
By prashanth ponugoti
EnsLib.JavaGateway Not Stopping during Force Down
By Scott Roth
connect iris community version to node js
By Rafi Farchi
How to add api key in Header part in FHIR Request ?
By Prasanth Annamreddy
BI Dashboard debugging possible in IRIS?
By Virat Sharma
Get ZW display in a variable
By Pierre LaFay
ERROR #5863 Another user has 'Title.LUT' open for editing.
By Lukasz Migacz
Has anyone connected to an external MYSQL database from IRIS?
By Sheetal Kairawala
SSL configuration error when setting up alert mail notification.
By Heorhiy Vasylchenko
Need to connect ensemble with SQL server management studio using ODBC or jdbc
By Ishan Srivastava
Can't use debugger with VS code Objectscript extension error: zDebugStub+40^%Debugger.System.1
By Daniel Raderstrong
How to restore database with using Do ^DBREST?
By Undefined Undefined
There is a parameter issue regarding EXTSELCT ^DBREST
By Undefined Undefined
%SerialObject property %Save error (%New method does not exist)
By Jakub Hemala
Automatic documentation for method arguments
By Sinon Galvin
how to fix ERROR #6063: Memory allocation for the Monitor failed
By febri
How to send the HL7 Batch messages over a SOAP webservice which takes 3 credentials(Username, Password& Org.ID) using IRIS Management Portal V 2019.1
By Pavan Kumar Rayudu
Programmatic Access to External-Service Registry
By Jani Hurskainen
Mismatched definition of ELEMENTQUALIFIED for class in the namespace
By RKumar
How do I create an XML Schema
By Andy Khemraj
WebTerminal is not working
By Phillip Wu
#InterSystems IRIS for Health
FHIR interoperability
By Eyal Levin
Randomize Value in a Field
By Christine Nyamu
LookupSettings.cls custom code trying to pull rowdata from the table when "User Clicked the Delete button for a row"
By Brian Schoen
%Library.PropertyHelper not accepting variable
By Mark OReilly
How can we call a data transformation from a business service
By Smythe Smythee
Basic HL7 Reference Material
By James Mullaney
How do you tell the last date/time a LookupTable (LUT) was updated?
By Kirsten Whatley
Reply Code Actions How to Not Retry and just suspend message
By Patty Aguirre-Romero
How can I transer data from one patient to another?
By Eyal Levin
JavaScript expressions evaluation
By Dmitrii Baranov
How to run business rules on a single cloned-object(EnsLib.HL7.Message), and send it in Rule Editor?
By William Liu
Get Yesterday's Date
By Christine Nyamu
How to access HL7 Schema definitions from VSCode?
By Kevin Kindschuh
Dictation with TrakCare
By Abdulaziz AlAnazi
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